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“We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore” by M. David Blake. It’s free at, but keep reading for a special offer.

Summary: “Stan wanted a flying car. No, that wasn’t quite accurate… Stan wanted a nice flying car, and the quantities of bliss that purchase would bring. Stan desired bliss. Fortunately, Bliss also desired Stan.”

“If I were editing a magazine I would be seriously considering buying this story for publication—but I’m not, so I can’t. Sorry.” — Bruce Bethke, author of “Cyberpunk” and Headcrash

Score: 4.3/5

This is a nearly heartwarming story about a twenty-something actuary, his girlfriend, and his angst over a new aeromobile (flying car) purchase. He wants to get the fancy, sporty model, but she correctly objects. It’s science fiction, but totally character-driven; basically about a young couple that happen to live in the future. Required disbelief suspension is minimized, and the story wraps up happily. For someone like me, used to reading darker stuff, I had a weird feeling after finishing “Plummet,” a sort of surprise that everything had ended so harmoniously. (This probably says more about me than it does about the story!)

I’m excited to read more by this author. The style is quirky and pleasant, almost lilting. Sprinkled throughout, in the flying car’s advertisements, are hilarious disclaimers about bodily injury and test flights of said flying car.

The Bottom Line: Recommended for anyone, including young adults and the science fiction phobic.

This story is free anytime at, but right now the author is, in conjunction with, hosting an ebook signing event. What exactly is an ebook signing event? These are the author’s words from the forum thread:

“Book signings are a wonderful way for readers to brush elbows with the authors they love, and for authors to get to know the people who have been enjoying their stories. You just wait in line until you reach the head of the table, whereupon the author picks up a pen, flips to the flyleaf, asks your name, jots down something witty, and then with a quick flourish swirls something that is probably illegible, but that you can assure your friends is a genuine signature.

Oh, wait… you went and bought an iPad. Or was it a Sony? A nook, you say? Maybe it was a Kindle. There are just so many eBook readers these days, and each one can hold thousands of eBooks.

Why am I going to such lengths? To be blunt, I really do believe what I wrote about book signings being a special interaction between readers and writers. I want people to read my stories, and enjoy them, and hopefully also keep an eye out for my name in the future. As writers, it is important for us to invest a little time in that relationship, because it won’t develop at all if we don’t.”

If you send an email to mdavidblake (dot) writer (at) vintageseason (dot) com (darn bots!) with your name and email address inside, you’ll receive a personalized, individually numbered copy of “We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore” just like this one:

This promotion is going on through July 14, 2010, but if you’re reading this after that date, send your email anyway. The author will process those signature requests as time allows between writing projects.


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