Jason Dark Series

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Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter is a new series of gothic horror novellas written by Guido Henkel, a former computer game designer and programmer.

Summary:Where fog shrouds the streets of Victorian England, where evil lurks behind street corners and nightmares dance in the souls of men, comes the Geisterj√§ger. Descended from an ancestral line of ghost hunters, Jason Dark is the Geisterj√§ger of his generation. Facing the horrors, the demons, the vampires, the werecreatures, and every other diabolical monster imaginable on behalf of a more civilized world. Risking his own life, sanity, and soul, Dark faces unmentionable terror – perhaps even the Devil himself. Join the Ghost Hunter in his arcane and ethereal exploits – unless, of course, you’re afraid of the Dark.”

At the author’s invitation, I read the first three volumes of this series. Each volume has ghost hunter Jason Dark and crew battling evil creatures and helping a few people in the process.

Volume one: Demon’s Night
Volume two: Theater of Vampires
Volume three: Ghosts Templar

Story: 3.5/5. All three stories were interesting and fast-paced. Each story builds on the one previous, but I don’t think it would be absolutely necessary to read them in order, if circumstances didn’t allow it. I liked the characters but I wanted to know more about Jason Dark. There’s no explanation of his ghost hunter title, but perhaps it will be revealed in another volume. From the description of the series, and from the beginning of the first story, I was expecting Dark to be a Victorian-era James Bond. He has a scary job, he’s the right age, and he has a laboratory in his flat. Cool, right? But it’s not until the second volume that anything is actually made in the lab, and most of the time Dark seems like an alarmingly average bachelor instead of the rugged warrior type I was expecting.

In “Demon’s Night,” Dark acquires a sidekick of sorts, whom I like very much. Instead of a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson type dynamic, where one party is subordinate to the other, Jason Dark and Siu Lin are on more equal ground, with each bringing completely separate areas of expertise to the table.

“Theater of Vampires” was my favorite of these three adventures. In “Ghosts Templar,” Dark and Siu Lin travel to a different setting which keeps the storyline fresh and lets the reader see how they do out of their normal element.

Editing: Suffice it to say, the grammar and usage in these novellas aren’t perfect. I don’t want to beat a dead horse over it but they need an editor’s eye. I do feel that the usage problems diminished from the first to the third volume.

The Bottom Line: These novellas are a fast, entertaining read. They’re more scary and suspenseful than they are gory. There are a few bloody scenes, but I think they would be fine for young adults over 13. Of course, use your own discretion.

You can visit the author’s website, which includes the books as well as Jason Dark merchandise and news about the series. www.JasonDarkSeries.com


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