Short Story Break – Justin Kemppainen

March 20, 2010 at 12:47 am (review) (, , )

“Herbert Meets God” by Justin Kemppainen. Available at

Summary: “The world has ended. But not really, everyone on it has just died. Except for Herbert, but, as he soon discovers, he’s not alone, and he was kept alive for a reason. In the ashes of civilization, Herbert comes face to face with his creator. Unfortunately for Herbert, God isn’t exactly what he expected.”

Poor Herbert! God purposely let everyone die except him. Now he’s alone on Earth with God. Could you ask for better company? Probably…

What a goofy, fanciful, and cute story.  At first I felt bad for Herbert, but he turns out okay in the end, despite almost dying once and actually dying once.

This story presents another way to think about God: as an entity with a (childish) sense of humor, and a lot of bratty siblings around the universe. It’s not the most profound philosophical literature but it’s lighthearted and will provide some laughs. To me it seems oversimplified, and this makes the whole story basically a joke on itself. It’s refreshing.

The Bottom Line: It’s free and funny. There’s no reason not to read it.


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